When it comes to addiction and mental illness recovery, there are a variety of approaches that can be taken. For example, some treatment centers may place emphasis on medicine, so when a client comes in with an addiction or mental illness, efforts are first and foremost placed on what type of medicine would best counteract unwanted symptoms. Other treatment centers may place emphasis on treating one disorder at a time – therefore, if a client is diagnosed with both alcoholism and borderline personality disorder (BPD), only alcoholism or only BPD may be treated at a time. Another approach to addiction and mental illness recovery is the holistic approach, which considers all of the factors that make a person who they are and how everything fits together to influence a person’s mind, body, and spirit.

There are 7 main reasons why the holistic approach is most effective for addiction and mental illness recovery:

  • It focuses on the whole person. Your trauma, your past, your friends and family, your social network, your health, your eating and sleeping habits, your perspective on life, all of it contributes to what makes you who you are today.
  • There’s lots of room for customization. As a person, your needs, interests, and ways of learning are going to be different from others; holistic treatment gives you that wiggle room to figure out what ways work best.
  • It embraces a variety of treatment options. Whether you’d like more focus on medicine or non-invasive forms of treatment such as yoga, meditation, art therapy, etc., the options are yours.

  • Dual diagnosis is possible. Since holistic treatment takes in everything that a person is experiencing, both disorders will be treated effectively.

  • Non-invasive approaches can be used to help a person find balance in their life. Whether it be through drama therapy, acupuncture, massage therapy or something else, holistic treatment options are meant to ground you, relax you, and/or give you new perspective on yourself and life.

  • Some treatment options may actively involve the client to work hard on themselves in order to reach great improvements. Holistic treatment approaches like meditation and mindfulness are something that you have to work towards everyday in order to see progress; by placing more investment into your recovery, you’re likely to stick with it longer.

  • It’s for anyone. The holistic approach can be used on everyone. There are many benefits associated with holistic treatment options, many of which linger on way past the actual event.


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