All of the facilities in the New Vista Behavioral Health family are accredited by the Joint Commission. This prestigious honor is only granted to treatment centers with the highest standards in client care and treatment modalities. The distinction indicates we put our clients first in terms of their safety and the efficacy of their care, reducing risks while raising the bar on care overall. For clients and their families seeking high-quality addiction treatment, our accreditation provides peace-of-mind in knowing our programs have been through a rigorous assessment process to guarantee the best possible client care and operational practices.

What is the Joint Commission?

The Joint Commission is an independent non-profit that accredits all types of healthcare organizations, including addiction treatment facilities. The goal of the organization is to provide the highest level of patient care through regular assessment of organizations and inspiration in raising the bar in healthcare across the various health industries nationwide. Founded in 1951, the Joint Commission currently accredits more than 21,000 organizations in the United States, including hospitals, nursing care facilities, behavioral health centers and addiction treatment operations.

Accreditation by the Joint Commission is not mandatory, but organizations that choose to become accredited agree to participate in a rigorous evaluation process every 39 months that ensures the patient experiences at that facility are up to par. Organizations are also given their own assessment tools that they can use between the formal evaluations provides by the Joint Commission.

Benefits of Accreditation

When you choose an accredited facility for yourself or a loved one, you have confidence in knowing that center will provide you with the highest level of respect, dignity and care. Accredited programs offer proven modalities that can be tailored to the precise needs of each client. All of the essential components of the facility, including management practices, procedures and policies, residential and treatment areas and safety plans will adhere to the highest possible standards. When you choose an accredited facility, you can rest assured it will include the following features:

  • Client-centered treatment plans
  • Integrated, coordinated patient care
  • Highest standards in safety and emergency planning
  • Safe rehabilitation practices
  • Adherence to standards in policy and procedure
  • Proven modalities and research-based interventions
  • adherence to training standards by staff
  • Consistent documentation and emergency drills followed

Accreditation offers significant benefits to clients looking for the best treatment facility to address their addiction. These centers offer a proven track record of safety and efficacy and ensure the staff is up to date on the latest treatment modalities and standards of client care. In addition, you may find that selecting an accredited facility will cut your costs somewhat as accreditation often decreases insurance costs for the center.

When you are selecting a treatment facility for yourself or someone important to you, the standards of operation and client care need to be at the highest level possible. Choosing an accredited center will help you know you are getting the best in addiction treatment. To learn more about our accreditation process or what it means to you, contact New Vista Behavioral Health today at 888-316-3665.

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