Individuals looking for an intensive outpatient program (IOP) will find a balanced treatment approach at Avalon Integrative Wellness. Our serene and private environment offers the opportunity to explore the underlying issues and disorders that lead to a variety of mental health conditions. With a full staff of mental health treatment professionals at your disposal, as well as a wealth of treatment modalities, you will have all the resources necessary to begin or continue your recovery journey.

About Avalon Integrative Wellness

Avalon Integrative Wellness is located within a short walk from Zuma beach, giving our clients ample opportunity to make the most of a beautiful, natural setting as they move through their treatment process. The homelike environment of our facility exudes both safety and comfort, surrounding you with calming colors and aromatherapy to settle the mind and body. Our independent schedule is available five days a week, allowing you to progress through treatment while maintaining your responsibilities.

Our Program

Intensive outpatient therapy offers a comprehensive treatment program that allows you flexibility in maintaining other aspects of your life while addressing your mental health issues. Some of the things you will learn in our IOP include:

  • Create a greater sense of serenity and tranquility
  • Learn to self-regulate emotions using mindfulness therapies and other modalities
  • Discover how to navigate decision-making and conflict-resolution with confidence
  • Experience a deeper level of emotional intimacy with yourself and others
  • Manage shifts in your thoughts, moods, and behaviors with greater ease
  • Translate your knowledge into thoughts and actions
  • Connect more effectively to your life purpose

Whether you are dealing with co-occurring substance abuse or struggling with a mental disorder like depression, anxiety or trauma, our team is ready to help you work through the healing process through both group and individual counseling, mindfulness therapies, and a focus on health and wellness.

Our Therapies

The staff at Avalon Integrative Wellness offers a broad range of therapies designed to reach each of our unique clients on a personal level. In addition to traditional treatment approaches that include life skills and relapse prevention, we offer the following proven modalities:

  • Emotion-focused therapy
  • Sensation tracking and movement
  • Somatic experiencing
  • Beach meditation & hikes
  • Experiential psycho-drama
  • Yoga
  • Narrative groups
  • Ropes course activities
  • Acupuncture
  • Cupping
  • Bodyworks
  • Breathwork
  • Sound Therapy

Our work is rooted in mindfulness-based therapy that brings clients into present moment awareness that forms a healthy mind-body connection. The approach allows individuals to focus on the present without judgment, allowing thoughts to simply exist without responding emotionally to them. As clients learn this modality, they are better equipped to manage shifts in emotional states that would otherwise threaten to derail the recovery process.

At Avalon Integrative Wellness, you are not just a number. We provide a diverse array of therapy modalities so you can find the methods that work the best for you. Whether you are looking for a restful sanctuary to meditate and decompress, or evidence-proven group and individual counseling sessions, we are here to help you address the underlying issues that led to your mental health status and embrace a healthier lifestyle. To learn more about any of our treatment centers, including Avalon Integrative Wellness’ IOP and wellness services, contact New Vista Behavioral Health today at 888-316-3665.

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