Friendly staff from the top to the bottom. Communication was great. I felt safe.



At Avalon, I wasn’t just another number in a group. They figured out what methods of treatment and therapy would be most beneficial to me. I felt immediately accepted and understood.

[My therapist] at Malibu Integrative was there for me, even when I didn’t think I wanted help. She didn’t force me to talk either, which I appreciated.


I have consistently felt welcomed and supported in the community here.


I have to say that this was a life-changing experience for the better. I am so grateful to all the people have come in contact with at Avalon.


I am grateful for all the support I received. I feel prepared to take what I’ve learned and apply it to my daily living in order to truly live a full, peaceful and rewarding life.


I really enjoyed my time at Malibu Integrative. The staff and clients are focused and supportive. The therapists do a good job of leading, guiding and making the most of the time in groups. The activities are well-organized and safe. I look forward to IOP when I wake up in the morning.



The management staff at Avalon Malibu always expressed their satisfaction with my progress. They gave me recognition and made me feel good.


I love the Avalon staff. They truly care for the clients and want to make sure we are safe and cared for.


I came to Simple Recovery addicted to drugs…. I just couldn’t stop. It had gotten to the point where I had to take a pill every morning just to get through a few hours. I was so caught up in everything. I didn’t think anyone else knew how bad it was. I felt dead inside. My family had an intervention on me, and I was brought to Simple Recovery. I was scared, and honestly wasn’t even sure if I could live a different life. The staff seemed to understand how I felt and guided me through a process of finding something bigger than my addiction. I didn’t think it was possible to live a drug free life. I didn’t even remember what I liked to do or who I was. Simple Recovery helped me figure out who I really was and gave me a purpose. They helped me discover another way of life and I am forever grateful. I know the staff will always be there to support me on my journey.

Andrew S.

Never before had I felt truly loved by a group of complete strangers as when I stayed at Avalon – every single person on their staff is friendly, helpful, and passionate about their work. Thanks to the tools and care I received at Avalon, I’m confident I stand a very good change of living a healthy, clean lifestyle for the rest of my days.


Being at Avalon is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Not only did I get sober and started living before treatment, Avalon took my self-worth and future plans to the moon. I truly feel like I can do anything I set my mind to after being here and working on core issues I never knew existed.


At Avalon Malibu, I felt like I had a healthy family for the first time in my life.


Malibu Integrative has helped me find myself. They have taught me a new way of life and to see that I have a life worth living. I know so much about myself. I know how to be mindful, which was something I have always looked for. Here’s to a bright future. Thanks, Malibu Integrative!


The Avalon staff made me feel at home.


Simple Recovery and the people that work there are extremely inviting and motivating. I had lost faith in myself and was introduced to strangers (at the time) who had this undying faith and hope in me, and with that I eventually grew to have that faith in myself. Graduating from treatment at Simple Recovery made me feel like I was leaving home, but the alumni program made the sadness disappear, and made me excited for the future. Simple helped make me more comfortable in my own skin, which helped me grow to be comfortable with those around me.

Today I went from working here and there in retail and restaurants, to being employed at a respectable law firm. I have amazing relationships with my family and have gained back their trust and am invited to their home. I have genuine friendships today, people who care more about me as a person instead of what I have, or what I’m wearing. I have my smile back, an even brighter one than ever before.


I felt so protected and backed by the therapists and other clients here. I have made friendships and relationships that will last a lifetime. The staff and RA’s are so loving and so accommodating.


The staff at Simple Recovery was unlike any other treatment team. They are much more involved with each client 1 on 1. They helped me through all of my problems. They taught me how to pay bills, find a job, start building credit, build and maintain a relationship with my family and friends, go back to school and most of all, how to have fun without drugs and alcohol. Before, I had only dreamed of being sober. I have six months sober now and more than I ever dreamed about. I have a job, a family relationship, a college certification and much more. They didn’t only teach me how to stop. They taught me I never have to use drugs and alcohol again.


Michael C.

Avalon’s beautiful property attracted me to choose it as part of my recovery, but it was the exceptional staff that made Avalon what it is.


Avalon exceeded my every expectation.


This facility is magnificent. Avalon has an outstanding chef who met all of my needs as a celiac and was always willing to help me get what I needed.


The staff are really invested in me and want to see me succeed. They all went out of their way to help me through the entire process.


I didn’t think that I could ever have fun without drinking or doing some sort of drug. The staff took us out on adventures like hiking, surfing, paddle boarding, boxing matches and everything. We worked a lot on who I was and who I could become, but they also made sure that I had time to smile again. I didn’t think I ever could without some sort of substance. I now have a part-time job and volunteer, but make sure I always put my recovery first

John G.

Avalon’s intensive program has given me a clear understanding of my emotions and a means of coping with them.


One of the many positive attributes is learning to set boundaries in all parts of my life.



Avalon Malibu is overall the BEST rehab in the country. Exceptionally outstanding program & staff.


The staff was patient. Thank you for helping me realize my full potential.


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