According to Mental Health America, more than 40 million Americans have a mental health condition, and 56% of those individuals do not receive treatment. If you have been struggling with symptoms of depression, anxiety, lack of concentration, emotional instability, limited social skills, rumination and more, you may have a mental disorder. It’s always best to speak with specialized healthcare provider regarding concern of a mental disorder so that you can obtain an accurate diagnosis. From there, you can look into a reputable treatment program. Whether you’ve made an appointment to see a psychiatrist or you’re about to start a treatment program, here are some effective strategies for boosting your mental health on a daily basis:

  • Value yourself. Decide to be gentle and patient with yourself right now. Practice self-respect and do things to invest in you, such as taking up a hobby, reading a delightful book, planting a garden, or something else that is of interest to you.
  • Take care of your body. Eat nutritiously, exercise regularly, go for walks and drink plenty of water. Get good sleep and avoid smoking cigarettes; all of these are ways to boost your body’s energy while maintaining good mental health.
  • Surround yourself with loving, supportive people. Be surrounded by people who care about your health and well-being; people who want to truly know you and can appreciate everything that you have to offer are the most important people to have in your life.
  • Practice healthy stress-relief tactics. Journal your thoughts, snuggle up to your pet, laugh and practice breathing exercises to help you find balance in life. Try to find the humor in life’s circumstances – taking things too seriously can significantly diminish your quality of life.
  • Get a change of pace by trying something new. Most of us enjoy a routine because it provides us with a sense of safety and security – after all, we are creatures of habit and we enjoy knowing what we can expect with each passing day. However, taking a new route on the way home or stopping by a store you’ve had your eye on can add a little extra excitement to your day; find ways to break up the monotony when you can.

Mental health is extremely important and neglecting this could lead to the development of a mental disorder. If you struggle with this, seek treatment today. Treatment most often includes medication and psychotherapy, in which you will learn more about your disorder and will build healthy coping mechanisms to use in your everyday life.

Therapy is a primary component of treatment for rehabilitation from a substance use disorder and/or mental health disorder. Attending treatment with certified clinicians and counselors is critical for a full recovery. At one of New Vista Behavioral Health’s treatment providers, you are receiving exceptional care, held to a higher standard. Our programs result in better outcomes, ensuring a better recovery. For information call us today: 888-316-3665.

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