There are always obstacles to overcome in life but having a mental illness can bring on unexpected challenges. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), approximately 1 in 5 adults in the United States – equivalent to 43.8 million people – experience mental illness each year. Despite the challenges that come with having a mental illness, there are yet many people out there who have overcome their obstacles and are leading a happy, successful life. Check out the following choices the most successful people with mental disorders make and how you can, too:


  • They are proactive about their mental healthcare. Highly successful people take note of their symptoms and occurrences, so they can notice patterns and/or better explain their experiences to their therapist. They note medications they are taking, their dose, and how they feel when on it so they can identity if they need to change something about their medications.
  • They utilize the approaches they’ve learned in treatment, and they apply them to their lifestyle, taking it very seriously. Rather than nodding “yes” in treatment to return home and live the same way they always have; successful people live proactively. They take what they’ve learned in treatment and directly apply it to the areas in their life that need change – for highly successful people, they can’t afford another minute lost.
  • They do not self-medicate. Successful people know that self-medicating through use of substances isn’t going to get them anywhere good. They recognize that rather than solve their problems, substances only temporary mask them and may cause even further problems later. Instead, successful people face difficult emotions head on and in a healthy manner.
  • They have a strong social support network. Highly successful individuals work hard towards building a healthy, dedicated support team – whether it consists of their healthcare team from their treatment center, their friends and family, their coworkers or peers from their program, successful people are diligent in surrounding themselves with people who uplift their recovery goals. All in all, they understand the power of influence.
  • They never give up. At times, things get hard – as they always tend to do – because that’s a part of life. Rather than giving up or giving in to peer pressure, highly successful people remind themselves of why they started their journey to recovery and they make decisions based on that. They continuously try hard, no matter how difficult some situations seem.


You have the power to take control over your life. You have the capability to be successful. Don’t give up. Keep pushing. It does get better.

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