For many Americans, mental health gets placed on the backburner. Sure – you may notice that you’ve been feeling a little down lately, or you’ve been experiencing challenges with many of your relationships – but you brush it off. It’s not affecting your income, health, or daily responsibilities, as far as you’re concerned – it’s much easier to just wade this out. Unfortunately, small “wading” periods turn into months, which turn into years, and before you know it, your entire attitude towards life has changed – for the worst. The amazing aspects of yourself may have dwindled away as you tried to make it through each day. Unfortunately, this happens to many people, because they don’t seek help the moment things seem “off”.

According to Mental Illness Policy Org., a not-for-profit organization that works to improve the policies that guide treatment of the seriously mentally ill, 50% of individuals with a serious mental illness – that equates to 3.5 million people each year – are not receiving treatment. There are a number of profound consequences that can occur if you don’t seek help for symptoms related to a mental illness:

  • Increased stress, affecting work productivity, relationships, and more
  • Your symptoms could worsen, causing you even more distress
  • You could attempt to self-medicate with substances, increasing your chances for developing substance dependence or addiction
  • Other areas of your life could be negatively affected that could have otherwise been prevented
  • You could experience other mental disorders related to anxiety, depression, paranoia, etc. by suppressing your thoughts and feelings regarding your symptoms

As you can see, the symptoms you are experiencing are likely the sign of a mental illness if they’ve continued or have become more intense over time. One contributor to the International Bipolar Foundation explained that by not seeking help sooner, she severed many important relationships and damaged many friendships. She stated,

“I hurt a lot of people while I was going through my life with an untreated mental illness…Sometimes we inflict damage that can’t be undone even when we don’t mean to.”

Many people with mental illness feel unheard and unsupported, whether it’s due to stigma or personal doubts. The best way to get support is to reach out to others – a reputable treatment center can provide you with the tools you need to overcome your obstacles.

Therapy is a primary component of treatment for rehabilitation from a substance use disorder and/or mental health disorder. Attending treatment with certified clinicians and counselors is critical for a full recovery. At one of New Vista Behavioral Health’s treatment providers, you are receiving exceptional care, held to a higher standard. Our programs result in better outcomes, ensuring a better recovery. For information call us today: 888-316-3665.

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