Many previous studies have shown that social support can be very influential to a person’s recovery and abstinence. Whether it’s through a community support group such as AA, through peer connections in group therapy, with your healthcare team at a reputable treatment center and/or with your friends and family supporting you along the way, it’s great to have a network of people whom you can rely on in times of need and in times of joy. In fact, a 2015 study published in the journal Substance Abuse found that feelings of social support increased an individual’s sense of confidence and esteem regarding their drug-abstinence journey; while support does provide so many benefits, it’s important that you have time to self-reflect, too.

A 2018 research discussion published in the World Journal of Psychiatry emphasized the importance of self-reflection via the terms “metacognitive reflection” and “insight therapy”. The authors identified metacognition as being able to access various dimensions of oneself and others (the ability to reflect and comprehend each person as complex human beings with so many different facets and discoveries that may change over time), and insight therapy (a form of therapy that helps individuals, particularly those with schizophrenia, to reflect on their recovery and determine what steps need to take place). By engaging in reflective practices, a person can get a better understanding of themselves and their own perceptions of life. By taking some time alone in your recovery, you open windows of opportunity for this to occur.

How might you engage in reflection? You may have been given questions to contemplate on from your therapist, or perhaps you’ve been journaling. Meditation, mindfulness, journaling, yoga, listening to music, and otherwise engaging in activities that promote balance and well-being are all great ways to begin reflecting. Appreciate and build your social support network by all means, but make sure you spend some time by yourself, too (as long as you can safely do so). Sometimes, taking some time to just sit and reflect can bring about realizations that never would have occurred otherwise.


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