Depression doesn’t discriminate, as there is no one specific “type” of person that may experience depression. Even if a person seems completely content with their life, they may secretly be struggling with depression. Parents have a unique challenge, because they must tend to several responsibilities – such as work obligations, household duties, and childcare – all while ensuring everything runs smoothly. Nearly 7% of the U.S. population experiences one major depressive episode, and Mental Health America states that 56% of American adults to not seek treatment for a mental illness – you can imagine how many of those individuals have families. If you are a mother or father and you’ve been struggling with depression, you are not alone.

The Washington Post recently covered the story of a mother who slowly began hiding away from friends and family, then hiding from her kids. She explained hiding in her closet while her kids shouted through the door, telling her that one of them needed help with something or that another sibling was fighting with them. She described feeling lethargic, with extreme difficulty concentrating and even making the simplest of decisions. In her mind, she thought that as long as dinner was on the table, everyone was safe, and things were getting taken care of, she was fine; this later proved to be incorrect, as she stopped doing everything that she used to enjoy.

Experiencing depression while being a parent can be challenging, because you can’t always stop what you’re doing to focus on yourself. It may seem like there are too many things to do for you to dedicate time to your mental health – after all, everyone depends on you to get through their day. What’s important to remember, however, is that being a parent requires all of your effort and energy – something that you can’t provide your children with if you don’t take care of your mental health.

A book published by the National Research Council and Institute of Medicine Committee on Depression states that depression is significantly associated with more hostile, negative, disengaged parenting. Depression is mothers has also been linked to less positive parenting regarding warmth, making treatment such a crucial factor conducive to your family’s happiness and wellbeing. Take the plunge and seek treatment today. You won’t regret it, and your family will be thankful for it.

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