With the legalization of marijuana for both medical and recreational purposes amongst several states in America, marijuana use is a major topic of discussion. NBC News reports that at least 52% of Americans over 18 have tried marijuana at least once in their lifetime – 44% of those who have at it at least once still use it to this day. If we look at the math, that’s an 8% difference between those who have tried it once and those who continue to use it. What is causing this difference in numbers? If people enjoy it so much, why is there a gap? Research says that marijuana can have different effects on different people, and there are many implications for why this occurs.

A 26-year-old graduate from the University of North Carolina explained her horrible experience with weed brownies to Vice Magazine. She stated,

I had no sense of time. I was very shaky. It was almost like an out of body experience. Every minute felt like three hours. I felt like I was trapped inside myself. I was sitting in a bathroom for a while because I just felt so out of control and freaked out.”

Her story mimics the experience of many, who have had panic attacks or severe anxiety after consuming marijuana. The following are some potential causes for this:

  • Amount consumed – THC acts as a partial agonist, meaning that it binds to a receptor and only produces some of the drug’s effects, making it less potent than synthetic drugs like Spice. However, the greater the amount of THC consumed, the higher the risk for panic attacks, anxiety, hallucinations, and other psychotic symptoms.
  • Type of marijuana – It is said that there are over 65 cannabinoids found in cannabis, but research has mainly only focused on THC and CBD. Thus, the wide range of effects that marijuana can have is somewhat limited.
  • Environmental factors – If you experienced trauma, whether as a child or an adult, you may be more easily prone to anxiety. If taken with a strain of marijuana that has higher levels of THC, you may be more prone to ruminate on past events or become paranoid.

Calm Clinic emphasizes that buying marijuana illegally, the way you consume marijuana and the context your in, as well as whether you get marijuana off the street or from a licensed doctor or company may have an effect on the anxiety you’re experiencing. Always be very cautious with taking anything that you are unsure of and seek medical attention if you experience any symptoms of concern.

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