This is an excerpt from a person who told his story of smoking cannabis and experiencing psychosis to Vice Magazine:

“I had a big delusion that I was figuring something out that no one understood but me that would eventually save the world. The day of my psychosis, I charted everything out and put it on a piece of paper after I had just smoked a ton of weed. I self-reflected and said, ‘WOW, I’m not OK. Whatever is going on is actually really scary.”

Researchers have been studying cannabis-induced psychosis for decades, and have found that those who are more genetically pre-disposed to mental illnesses are more likely to develop psychosis symptoms from smoking marijuana. Symptoms of psychosis include feelings of paranoia, anxiety, visual illusions, strangeness, inattention and slowed time, and deficient performance on tasks related to memory and response.

Two ingredients in cannabis can lead to the development of psychosis symptoms: tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol. Scientists believe that THS interferes with the brain’s ability to identify stimuli that’s important and ones that aren’t; research has also shown that long-term cannabis use can increase the risk of developing schizophrenia six times over, according to a study conducted by researchers in London.  However, research has been divided in that many studies are showing THC to be involved in the development of psychosis symptoms, while cannabidiol has been shown to negate these symptoms.

In 2015, an estimated 1.25 million illicit drug-related emergency room visits occurred, with 455,668 of them being marijuana-related. Easy accessibility to the drug and legalization of it in several states has increased its use throughout the U.S. – while cannabis has been shown to be relatively safe, there are still dangers involved, especially if you are susceptible to developing a mental illness or if you already have schizophrenia but are undiagnosed and looking to self-medicate.

Always be careful with what you are consuming, and seek medical attention immediately if there are any concerning symptoms you are experiencing. It’s better to be safe than too late.

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