Many who will be alone this Valentine’s Day feel the surge of guilt, shame, anxiety, loneliness, and more. Holidays such as Valentine’s Day can bring about these feelings due to the expectation of celebrating with a significant other; for those who don’t have one, this day can serve as a reminder of what we “don’t have”. Depression runs rampant around this classified couple’s holiday. Valentine’s Day is just a triggering reality that most of us want to be in a loving relationship. This desire can bring about destructive questions, such as “Why doesn’t anyone want to be with me?” or “Am I going to be alone forever?”

As humans, we crave connection to others, and this has been linked to increased happiness, quicker recovery from surgeries and illnesses, and lower risks for depression. As we get older, our perceived loneliness lends itself to worries as we may feel our “clock is ticking” or have the innate fear that once we reach a certain age, there is no more love to be found. What most people need to remember is that this isn’t true. Love can be found at any age, and under any circumstance. We must be open to new possibilities and we must be in the right place and time in our lives for a loving relationship to thrive and blossom. Our perspective holds a lot of weight in this.

If you are in a relationship, Valentine’s Day can still add weight to your heart if you’re stressed out about the current relationship you’re in, if your kids are in relationships, if you have low self-esteem, if you’re stressed about expectations such as the “perfect gift”, if you’ve recently gone through a break-up, and more. No matter the circumstance, Valentine’s Day can be triggering, and it’s important to establish a new perspective and a plan of action if feelings of distress arise. After all, it’s just a day. You can make it into however you want. Choose to have a good day that’s based on self-love and self-care; you deserve it.




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