Approximately 2.2 million Americans experience obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) each year. Individuals with OCD may experience intrusive thoughts related to making mistakes, harming someone, contamination, disease, religion, impulses or disease, and more. These thoughts can cause a lot of anxiety for a person, and that person may act in certain ways in order to “manage” their OCD. According to The Mighty, a website aimed at providing information and personal stories for a variety of health topics, a new Facebook chat box could help people with this disorder.

Called Pax, this Facebook chat will respond to you in messages that are humorous and conversational while providing you information about intrusive thoughts. The creators, Aaron Harvey and Rose Bretecher, developed Pax to serve as a sort of middle person – a way to bridge the gap between feeling as though something is wrong and actually making the decision to seek treatment. As Harvey stated on The Mighty,

The main vision to create Pax was to essentially recreate the experience of sitting down with someone and walking them through how to handle a particular disorder and that’s something you can’t get from a website.”

While the app doesn’t directly lead people to treatment centers, it does provide information to help a person better understand their experiences and encourages them to seek help. A 2014 study published in the Journal of Health Communication found that online support groups can be beneficial for making connections with others, obtaining information, reading personal stories experienced by others, and by obtaining social support that may be greatly needed. It’s obvious that online support has benefitted many people – it will be exciting to witness an application such as Pax to see how it progresses with giving people emotional support to seek help, as this is a new take on information seeking.

If you have been struggling with obsessions and intrusive thoughts, make the decision to seek help today. There are so many resources available to you, including cognitive-behavioral therapy, which has been proven to help many people change old, negative thought patterns into more positive, productive ones. Don’t wait any longer.

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