When it comes to mental illness and addiction recovery, it’s easy to focus solely on the “problem” – you may think to yourself, “If I just had X medication, it would all go away”. Many people feel the same way, but it’s important to recognize that mental illness and addiction are complex conditions that have developed out of a variety of factors: genes and family history, personality, environment, medical history, childhood and adult experiences, trauma, social support, and much more. As human beings, we are complex by nature – there are so many different pieces that make up who we are and, in recovery, we can’t ignore these valuable puzzle pieces.

In order to promote your mind, body, and spirit in recovery, these 5 things must take place at your treatment center:


  • You must feel properly supported. The right treatment program should serve as your support network – you should feel comfortable speaking with your therapist, group leaders, administrative team and more about any questions or concerns you may have. The best treatment centers value their clients and treat them with utmost respect and care.
  • You should be able to engage in holistic approaches to recovery. Yoga, meditation, art therapy, massage therapy, hypnotherapy, mindfulness practices and more should be offered to assist you in your journey. These are non-invasive forms of treatment that may accompany your regular treatment regime – nonetheless, they lift the spirit and help calm the mind while strengthening the body for optimum functioning.
  • Exercise and nutrition management should be incorporated. Addiction and mental illness recovery are more than themselves – your recovery should also take a close look at your physical exercise and eating habits because both of these are what fuel and prepare your body to carry you through each day.
  • You should feel part of the decision making. Rather than tell you what to do, your treatment center team should include you in the decision-making process about what would work best for you. You should feel that you have a voice.
  • Medication should not be the only form of treatment you receive. Medication can certainly be beneficial in many cases, but you should also receive forms of therapy and other recovery tools to boost your mind, body, and spirit. Oftentimes, medication cannot solve all problems. The best way is to incorporate a variety of treatment methods to work on all three aspects of recovery: mind, body, and spirit.


If you’re struggling with an addiction or mental illness, speak with a professional from a reputable treatment center to learn more about several types of programs and which one may be right for you. It’s never too late to seek the help you need.

Therapy is a primary component of treatment for rehabilitation from a substance use disorder and/or mental health disorder. Attending treatment with certified clinicians and counselors is critical for a full recovery. At one of New Vista Behavioral Health’s treatment providers, you are receiving exceptional care, held to a higher standard. Our programs result in better outcomes, ensuring a better recovery. For information call us today: 888-316-3665.

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