Mental health should have more worldwide awareness considering mental health disorders are the leading causes of disability. Age, gender, financial status, and ethnicity have nothing to do with developing a mental illness. Anyone can develop a mental disorder at any point in their life. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say that depression is the most widespread mental health problem that affects 21 million American adults and children annually. Every year, $31 billion is lost in productive time because of depression. There are various reasons why mental health should never be ignored.

When people are in physical pain, it can lead to mental disorders such as anxiety and depression. Those with bad physical health are three times likely to seek mental health care. Mental health can affect you physically such as having sleep disturbances or impairing immune functions. Doctors have a tendency of focusing on a patient’s physical problems without thinking of how they can be affected mentally. When mental health is addressed, physical health can actually be improved such as when arthritis patients are treated for depression, their pain is reduced as well as their overall health.

Unaddressed mental health issues can be a financial burden. A study in the American Journal of Psychiatry states that untreated psychiatric illnesses make up a third of the homeless population and 16% of the inmate population. 200 million workdays are lost a year from depression and five of ten causes of disabilities are mental health issues. Those with anxiety and depression are most likely to take a sick leave and for long periods of time than typical people.

Families pay the price as well when relatives have an untreated mental illness. Children of parents with mental illness can be at great risk for abuse, neglect, and emotional and behavioral problems. They have no social support since help cannot be received from their parent. Those children themselves can end up becoming mentally ill into adulthood. It is best for families to be treated for mental disorders together to ensure that they are all taught together how to help each other.

Mental health untreated can cause people to commit violent crimes or become victims themselves. Those not taking medication are 2.7 times likely to be victim of a violent crime. If you or anyone else you know could have a mental illness, it is best that they get treated to avoid these negative long-term effects on their lives and those around them.


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