Avalon By The Sea, a residential treatment facility in Malibu, California, is one of few certified primary mental health treatment facilities offering the comforts of luxury residential care. A member of the New Vista family, Avalon provides treatment for mental health disorders including personality disorders, mood disorders, trauma, eating disorders and more. Residential treatment for mental health does exist and is an excellent choice for providing a loved one with the compassionate, healing care they deserve to get well again.

Mental health disorders are most often treated in psychiatric ward, hospital settings. Uncomfortable and intimidating, these settings are not conducive to the transformational change which needs to take place during mental health recovery. Though primary mental health disorders do not include a chemical substance, the recovery is the same. Stress management, holistic healing, emotional regulation, and the deeply investigative practice of traditional therapeutic work are part of treatment for primary mental health. As relapsing and remitting disorders, mental health disorders include relapse prevention education for effectively managing the responsibilities of every day life in a sustainable way.

Co-Occurring Disorders

Primary mental health disorders have a higher frequency for developing a secondary or co-occurring disorder of substance abuse. Many who have struggled with mental health disorders turn to drugs and alcohol to find relief or escape from tumultuous and overwhelming emotions. Predisposed for developing a dependency, they can quickly become attached and addicted.

Choosing Residential Care For Mental Health

You do not have to suffer. The existence of your mental health condition is a conviction to recover and lead a different, healthier life- not a condemnation to a lifetime of pain. Mental health is similar to addiction in that it affects the mind, the body, and the spirit. Taking time to attend a residential treatment program for a primary mental health condition is taking to time to heal the holistic self. In doing so, the skills for self-care in mental health become an adopted way of life.

Investigating Underlying Issues

Mental health disorders can be the result of a chemical imbalance in the brain. Oftentimes, that chemical imbalance was caused by significant life events which become forms of trauma. Evidence-based therapy types help investigate the underlying issues which have been hidden behind symptoms of mental health. Confrontation and resolution of these underlying issues can often relieve many of the persistent symptoms.


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