Movies, whether they are intended for kids or not, can teach us lessons about life, love, hardships and more if we’re receptive to it. In addition to learning from them, movies can spark emotions that cause us to have a small shift in perception regarding life. For example, seeing a sad movie about a person with cancer may cause us to feel more empathetic for those who have the disease and, may cause us to feel more grateful for our loved ones around us. One particular movie called “Inside Out” is a movie that causes us to think about how our emotions work and what is really going on while we navigate daily life.

As stated on IMBD, the movie portrays a character named Riley, who, as a kid, is forced to move to San Francisco from the Midwest. This move asks that she learn how to adapt to a new life – a new house, new city, and a new school. As the movie progresses, scenes inside her brain are shown, and small “emotion” workers give insight to how we express emotions, as well as how they occur. The Hollywood Reporter lists several beautiful insights that can be derived from this movie:

  1. We all have a natural-born temperament.
  2. Memories aren’t always accurate.
  3. Events associated with memories lock them in, so they can’t be “deleted”.
  4. Repressed memories of trauma still remain in our conscious level, but they can create emotional problems that leave us feeling uncertain.
  5. Our “core beliefs” and “core self” never really goes away – the basis of who we are remains the same, even as we grow and change.

Forbes Magazine states that Inside Out earned $90.44 million and won the biggest opening weekend in history for an original movie. If you have children, perhaps they have seen this movie. If so, talk to them about emotions and spark a conversation about how we can safely express and manage our emotions. If you haven’t seen the movie, see it for yourself. You may think about emotions a little differently.

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