A blogger shared her perspective on recovery like this:

“In recovery, we fall down; we take an exam and we do poorly; at work, our projects might not bring the results we wished they would; our relationships can feel disappointing. Falling down is just one step towards getting back up…Getting up quickly, taking some lessons from our loss, and all without beating ourselves up is how we move forward. If we know that life is like this – that it will involve continual trips to the floor, then we can take it less personally and see it more as a process that will help us grow.”

This writer brings up a key point – that recovery is all about perspective. When we’re in recovery from a mental illness or addiction, however, this can be “easier said than done”. If you feel that you’ve taken a few steps back in your recovery, know that you are not alone. There are many other people out there who have gone through similar lessons that you are currently – take comfort in that.

It’s important to maximize your resources when you’ve taken a few steps back. For example, the Mental Health Foundation states that being believe in, being listened to and understood, receiving explanations for problems and experiences, and having the opportunity to temporarily resign obligations in order to restore mental health are important factors to building up your recovery. If you’ve been feeling down lately from a recent episode, make sure that you can find people to uplift you and resources to help you get back on track. This may be in the form of reaching out to your sponsor or recovery leader, a supportive family member, etc.

Remind yourself of how far you’ve come. Don’t give into negative self-talk, and believe that you have another opportunity to work towards your goals. This rings true for not just recovery from addiction and mental illness, but for life in general – we all face challenges and fall, and what matters is deciding to stand up despite these things.

The American Psychological Association notes that recovery from addiction and mental illness has come a long way – in the 1980’s, these conditions were deemed as “unrecoverable” and many people were sent to institutions without the chance to get better. Our society’s perspectives have changed, giving us the benefit of resources and people whom we can rely on. Seek the help you need today, and use the resources you have learned so far. Do not give up. You can do this. It’s all a lesson learned.

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