Currently, instant-gratification is a commonplace desire for almost anyone, no matter your circumstance. Technology has provided a form of instant-gratification, leaving us with information available at the ends of our fingertips. When it comes to recovery, the desire is the same – to “get there” as quickly as possible. If you’ve recently begun your journey to recovery, you may be thinking that you want to get this over with, or that you can’t wait until you’re at X stage in life, or that you just want to get past this next phase. If you notice, however, there’s one commonality amongst all these wishes: they all pertain to the future, not the present journey.

One writer explained her story with alcoholism to Elite Daily. She talked about how she didn’t understand the relationship she had with alcohol for a long time, and, for a while in recovery, she viewed sobriety as giving her free time and helping her save money. However, over time, she learned that the process of sobriety is much more than these minor benefits. She stated,

If all those benefits of giving up alcohol had come rushing to me in the first 30 days, maybe I wouldn’t have felt the need to continue. I would see sobriety only for its surface benefits, rather than something much deeper.”

There’s a major implication that can be taken from this reflection; one that signifies sobriety as a deeply enriched journey that takes time, patience, understanding, growth, dedication, challenging work, practice, determination, and so much more. Think about everything that’s ever held meaning to your life – did it all just occur to you in an instance? If so, how long did that appreciation last before you had taken it for granted ever so slightly? We all experience the forgetful moments of appreciation for what we have, especially when life gets so stressful. But the harder we work for it, the more likely it is that we will hold onto it and appreciate it – because that’s a lot of time, energy, money, and more put into making the endeavor work.

Why should you never give up on sobriety? It’s simple – because giving up on sobriety means giving up on everything you’ve worked so hard to earn. It means giving up all those moments of chaos that you worked through – those moments of growth and transformation, of developing a social support network, of working towards changing your life for the better. Keep fighting for your happiness. It will always be worth it, no matter how challenging.

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