Recovery is often considered a holistic, integrative process – no matter what individuals are suffering from, recovery is meant to help people work through those issues. Whether it be a mental illness, addiction, or both, recovery seeks to resolve the major physical and psychologically damaging effects that both can instill on a person. Many recovery facilities also help individuals build their spiritual perspective – a major component that gives people a sense of purpose, light, and fulfillment. Thus, mind, body, and spirit are all crucial aspects to recovery.

A 2013 qualitative study conducted by Edward Kruk from the University of British Columbia and Kathryn Sandberg from the B.C. Ministry of Children and Family Development interviewed 28 women who were either active or former substance addicted with low income. In their study, they found the following as core needs for proper recovery as described by the participants: normalization and structure, biopsychosocial-spiritual safety, and social connection. Aspects that helped participants included connection in counselling and therapy, multidisciplinary service provision, spirituality focus, opportunities for learning and work, and a safe and flexible structure. These core needs identify the major physical, emotional, and spiritual safety factors that allow room for growth, connection, and learning.

Above It All Treatment Center describes addiction and mental illness as something that impacts and changes the mind – causing shifts in the brain’s physicality and chemistry. A person who suffers from an addiction or mental illness needs support and therapy to help them restructure their brain’s way of processing information and forming perceptions. By seeking therapy, you are taking huge strides towards your mental health and happiness.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration explains that recovery support often entails culturally and linguistically appropriate services aimed at providing supported employment, education and housing, assertive community treatment, illness management, and peer-operated services. Recovery is meant to help you physically get back on track and healthy, and to help you regain structure and confidence in physical components of life such as employment and relationships. Exercise and fitness programs are often included with in-patient facilities, allowing you to get back in shape. The physical aspect of recovery is so important to your bodily health and overall composition.

New Hope Recovery Center defined spirituality in 2013 as “a personal search for meaning in life, for connection with all things and for the experience of a power beyond oneself”. Spirituality gives us meaning, connection, and perspective. Many people who have fallen into the pattern of addiction or negative thinking often use spirituality to help them learn more about why they are here on Earth and what they can offer to life. Spirituality provides a meaning for living and becoming the best version of ourselves.

Overall, mind, body, and spirit are essential paradigms to a healthy, well-rounded recovery. By focusing on the mind, we heal our inner wounds and change our negative mental scripts. By focusing on the body, we heal our physical wounds from addiction or self-harm, bad decisions etc. and develop a healthier, stronger body to live in. By focusing on our spirituality, we develop a healthier perspective of life and what it means to embrace each day.






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