Celebrities are often looked upon closely, and the public stays witness to major events in their life – whether it’s a huge achievement, the birth of a new baby, a new marriage, or recovery from an addiction, celebrities are looked at in a different light than others. For some, they can serve as an example of overcoming obstacles and a guide for strength and determination. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, bipolar disorder is known as a manic-depressive illness, a brain disorder that causes unusual shifts in mood, energy, activity levels, and ability to carry out day-to-day tasks.

CBS News has identified the following celebrities as having bipolar disorder:

    • Demi Lovato – In 2010, Lovato entered rehab for depression, an eating disorder, and self-harm. She found out during rehab that she had bipolar disorder. In an interview with People Magazine, she stated, “I never found out until I went to treatment that I was bipolar…Now I live well with bipolar disorder. Happiness is a choice. Life is a roller coaster. You can make the highs as amazing as possible, and you can control how low the lows go.”
    • Sinead O’Connor – Irish singer with a top-chart song titled “Nothing Compares 2 U” told Oprah Winfrey in 2007 that she had thoughts of suicide and overwhelming fear. The singer stated that she was taking medication and that her disorder is a work in progress.
    • Jane Pauley – Television journalist Jane Pauley, known for being on NBC’s Today Show, Dateline, and CBS News Sunday Morning, stated “I was of two minds about my new persona. On the one hand I was impressed with my new creative energy, but on the other hand I was suspicious that I didn’t have it completely under control.”
    • Jennifer Lewis – One of Hollywood’s most cherished actresses, Jennifer Lewis was diagnosed with bipolar disorder over two decades ago, according to the Huffington Post. As she stated in an interview, “It’s hard to accept that you have a problem…You have to look in the mirror…and say, before you can go or grow into anything, you have to say you love yourself.”


  • Catherine Zeta-Jones – Diagnosed with bipolar II disorder, Zeta-Jones went through a period of mood swings and stress when her husband was diagnosed with stage IV throat cancer. She has been public about her disorder and hopes to advocate against stigma associated with it.


Choose to find people whom have overcome the battles associated with their disorder every day – the ones who have sought treatment and worked through their problems, the ones who have managed to develop the tools they need to succeed. Find role models in people who work hard and persevere, and let them inspire you to do the same.





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