In the recovery and addiction world, detoxification is a brief period of unpleasantry. When a person begins to detox, their body is removing the toxic chemicals of their addiction from their body. Detoxification is a crucial component to recovery because the body needs to expel and recover from the damage that it has endured throughout the addiction. This can cause painful mental and physical feelings as the body is adjusting to life without the drug or substance.

Detoxification is achieved through one of two ways: medically assisted or supervised detox, or clinically managed (social) detox. If a person chooses to be medically assisted/supervised, the person is under the care of medical and mental health professionals to help them get through the process. Close observation happens here and a person may be given some medication to assist with the strong cravings that are currently present. If a person is clinically managed, they will not be provided any medical treatment but may be provided a room to detox in or may be assisted with peer encouragement or professional support.

There are three main stages to detoxification: evaluation, stabilization, and fostering readiness for and entry into substance abuse treatment:

In the evaluation stage, a health professional will conduct a health assessment to determine the amount of substance in your bloodstream, any co-existing physical or mental conditions present, an overview of your health and more about your history. This is a crucial step to detox because it allows your treatment plan to be personalized according to your needs.

In the stabilization stage, you are setup to achieve a substance-free, healthy state of being. Your healthcare team will closely monitor you as your body detoxes – you may experience a variety of mental and physical effects such as nausea, anxiety, chills, cravings, and other uncomfortable feelings. While not pleasant, this detox is needed to help your body recover. Family friends, and other forms of support may be available to help you get through this.

In the preparation stage, medical professionals help you to understand what addiction is, how your addiction has impacted your body and mind, and what steps you can take to overcome this disease. Your health care team may provide you with further recommendations for ongoing treatment and you may be able to begin therapy.

Detoxification is a challenging yet beautiful process because it is the cleansing of your body and mind of what has been causing you trouble. The addiction that once took you over is being starved and reduced – leaving you with a healthier body and mind. Knowledge of your addiction and its affects can help you gain a firm foundation as you begin your transformative journey of recovery.

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