In treatment, your counselor may answer this question with, “Find someone who has what you want.” What does this mean exactly? It implies you should look for someone who represents the kind of life you want to lead. Are they honest and true to their word? Are they kind and helpful? Are they happy in sobriety, and do they want to share it with others? These are the types of questions to keep in mind while shopping for the right sponsor. The following are qualities you should also keep in mind:

Patience and Compassion

Working with a newcomer isn’t always easy. A good sponsor remembers what early
recovery was like, and can provide guidance with patience, honesty, and empathy
for the newly sober.

Solid Sobriety

It is suggested you find someone with no less than a year of sobriety. A year isn’t
very long when it comes to sponsorship, but there are those out there that may be
a great fit. Find someone who has worked the steps, has a sponsor, and is active in
the program.

Their Words Reflect Their Actions

In recovery, accountability is imperative to staying sober. If someone says they’ll do
something and they do it, they are accountable to their word. This is character.
People respect others who hold themselves accountable. Find someone who
doesn’t just talk the talk, but walks the walk.

Selfless Action, Expecting Nothing in Return

A good sponsor helps another in need, without expecting anything for their effort.
The true reward is the feeling of helping another addict or alcoholic on their road to
recovery. In turn, they will show you how to do the same and carry the message to
another addict or alcoholic in need.

Treatment centers often suggest that while there, you should find a temporary sponsor. This is good practice for when you go home and begin looking for a permanent sponsor. Take note of what feels right, what qualities you appreciate about the person, or maybe, qualities you would like to avoid in the future. It’s nice to hold onto a sponsor long-term because they become part of your growth. Remember, nothing is set in stone, and if it’s not working, you can always move on and find someone else. This is your journey, and a good sponsor will be with you every step of the way.


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