Addiction costs many their home, family, work, health, and more – depending on how long a person has struggled with addiction, finances can become a major concern. According to Business Insider, by 2021, drug spending around the world will reach $1.5 trillion. On a national level, Americans spend roughly $1 billion annually over the past decade on illicit drugs, according to The White House. Drug use, whether prescription or illicit, is costing people a lot of money and, on an individual level, can significantly impact a person’s life.

While someone is addicted, they may make every effort possible to obtain drugs. For example, a woman stated on Vice that during her teens and 20s, she made up to $3,700 a week stripping and spent almost all of it on cocaine. She stated, “the effort I put into spending money on drugs, it’s not even calculable. It’s an extraordinary amount. I would be a millionaire.” Aside from spending money made, some people resort to stealing to “keep up with” their addiction.

For example, NCB News covered the story of a family whose credit cards, checks, and other objects would go missing as their son was addicted to methamphetamine and heroin. His father stated in an interview, “Eventually he even broke into his little brother’s piggy bank; that’s how bad it got.” Addiction alters the chemicals in a person’s brain, causing them to crave the “high” feeling and causing them to take almost any action needed to get there.

Information provided by the Drug Abuse Administration estimates that Americans are spending the following in relation to addiction:

  • $437 billion in lost productivity
  • $276 billion in active addictions
  • $166 billion in healthcare
  • $97 billion on crime and accidents
  • $41 billion on the War on Drugs
  • $30 billion on drug treatment

The numbers total up to $1 trillion, which is said to be approximately 17% of all U.S. government spending, and 6% of America’s GDP. These staggering figures represent the costly consequences that addiction takes on every level, not considering emotional and physical costs as well. If you have an addiction, make the decision to seek help today. Recovery is possible, ad you are not alone.

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