Many people do it. Maybe you’ve done this before or you’ve heard someone else do it. They think to themselves, “I don’t need these painkillers anymore, but my friend needs them – I’ll just give it to them to help them out because of X.” This thought runs through the minds of thousands of Americans each day, and this has contributed greatly to the opioid epidemic. The U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has identified this act as drug misuse, and it’s illegal.

According to the White House’s Office of National Drug Policy, over 55% of Americans who used painkillers got them from a friend or family member for free. When a person takes medication for a purpose other than the reason it was prescribed, or if a person takes medication that isn’t prescribed to them, that individual is misusing drugs. Even if the individual isn’t actively seeking to take the medication for euphoric purposes, simply taking medication against the directions prescribed is dangerous and against the law. You may be thinking to yourself, what is the harm in doing this? Because each person’s genetics and medical history are different, many things could happen:

  • The person you shared your medication with could experience adverse reactions due to an unknown allergy or something else
  • The person could become addicted to a medication that you have supplied them with
  • That individual could experience avoidable side effects
  • If that person has a disease, the medication you’ve given them could slow their recovery or worsen the progression of their disease
  • Overdose could occur, placing their life in danger

Selling your prescription pills poses even more risk for yourself, because at that point you could be prosecuted for drug dealing. AARP claims that more and more elderly people in America are selling their prescription medications on the street to further supplement their income – this is dangerous because it feeds back into the opioid crisis that we are experiencing and places other peoples’ lives at stake.

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