One of the neatest aspects of therapy is that there are so many techniques, so many approaches that can be used to fit the needs and learning styles of individuals. Therapy is meant to mold and alter itself to become most comprehensible and palatable for the person, maximizing their potential for true growth and understanding. Psychology Today has noted some of the most unique and creative approaches to therapy:

  • The Miracle Question. This involves asking the client a question related to “if a miracle happened, what would your situation look like?” and then discussing other ways to improve the situation with the person. The American Counseling Association does note that while “miracles” are often deemed impossible and the use of this word in counseling is debatable, it does help clients focus on their goals.
  • Sand-play. This is “hands on” psychological work, and allows the person to create a manifestation of their imagination using sand, water, and miniature objects.
  • Primal Therapy. Often described as “I scream, you scream,” primal therapy gets at the root core of human feeling and emotion. Traumatic events from the past means that one’s emotions may have become repressed and hidden to the person, unable to access them and free them. Primal therapy allows a person to recall the event and express what they couldn’t before.
  • Hunger Illusion. Individuals who want to work on automatic responses to things may consider this technique. When a person begins to automatically react to something, they must stop themselves and assess how they feel and what they are thinking. This is said to bring to surface the subconscious reasons for why we do the things we do.
  • Virtual Reality. An newer form of technology to the world of psychology, virtual reality helps clients  to confront and process difficult, traumatic memories. Often, this form of therapy has served as exposure therapy where individuals can work through triggers that link them directly to a traumatic or stressful event in their life.

As therapy has evolved, more innovative and creative approaches have emerged, leaving patients with exciting and engaging innovative ways to learn more about themselves and how they can overcome their challenges.

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