How does addiction begin? How does it end? Addiction is idiosyncratic. What leads to addiction isn’t contingent upon whether one grew up rich, poor or middle class. For some, the circumstances underlying addiction began as a baby or child. While these ages may seem ridiculously early, a variety of factors lead to addiction. As you begin recovery, the reasons you became addicted may not matter. Your intention is to get through one minute, day or week without imbibing. As your recovery gains momentum, an understanding of what led you to addiction can contribute to your mental health and serenity.

The journey of addiction is individual, causes are numerous, and behaviors common. The following is a hypothetical scenario of the journey into addiction. Your parents were alcoholics and or drug addicts. The environment in which you grew up was chaotic and dysfunctional. You were neglected as a baby. Sexually, verbally or physically abused as a child by a parent, relative or stranger. At an early age you began to act out. Teachers wondered why your grades declined.

Fast forward to adulthood. A beer or glass of wine after work tastes good and eases anxiety. Two beers a night become a sixpack. Then comes the “hard stuff”. Alcoholism is a progressive disease. Hangovers begin to affect the quality of your work. Colleagues no longer invite you to lunch. You shower before work, but you smell because your body can’t absorb the quantity you drank the night before. A friend or spouse confronts you. You become belligerent, minimize their perceptions. The bottle keeps calling because alcoholism is an a disease of denial.

The person in the scenario above eventually hits bottom. The addiction infiltrated their body, mind and spirit to a point they no longer can tolerate. It is a blessing when this happens. Hitting bottom has been called an epiphany, but it is more about coming home to yourself.

Recovery for some might begin with an intervention. A group of friends, family members and colleagues gather and confront the addict. They relate their concern for the addict and how his or her behavior affected them. The intervention may result in going to a 30-day treatment facility. Support systems are put in place after treatment. These systems put you in touch with people on the same journey. You can make new friends.

When you choose recovery your life changes. The journey is long. It is not easy. It is, however, a testament of your strength and courage. Recovery is learning to forgive and love yourself and others again. A whole new world awaits.


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