Treatment is the perfect opportunity to completely disconnect from the outside world and focus purely on your recovery. If you are considering attending a residential inpatient program, you might use the time as a digital detox as you detox from drugs and alcohol as well.


What is a digital detox?

A digital detox is taking time away from the internet, technology, and digital devices. There are many studies on the extent to which our societal “addiction” to digital technology is having an effect. Reports on social media use reveal higher rates of depression and poor body image. Spending time connected to fictional game worlds can be devastatingly isolating. Sex addiction, gambling addiction, and shopping addiction can all form on the internet or be participated in through digital devices. The list goes on and on. Research is conclusively finding that spending copious amounts of time staring into a screen and interacting with technology, rather than people, is bad for mental and physical health. A digital detox is voluntarily shutting down and powering off digital devices. Refraining from engaging with the news of any kind is also considered part of a digital detox.


Why can’t I have my technology in treatment?

Treatment is a time to focus on healing, personal growth, and learning to stay sober. Digital devices can act as a distraction from that process. Studies have found that apps, for example, are intentionally designed to be addicting. Brain research has found that the brain reacts to notifications from social media channels the same way it reacts to drugs and alcohol. When the brain is in such desperate need of healing, nothing should get in the way.


A major roadblock that people face when they go to a treatment center which gives them full access to their phone or other digital devices is contacting old drug dealers and contacts. Addicts and alcoholics in recovery will go far out of their way to secure a relapse. Even when they are in treatment, they can be inspired to make poor decisions for their recovery. Staying away from digital devices means staying away from potential temptations which can be connected through a digital device.


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