According to Drug Abuse, an online resource for substance abuse and addiction treatment, OxyContin is a branded formulation of the opioid painkiller, Oxycodone. This drug is used to manage moderate to severe levels of pain. Approximately 1.9 million people in the United States are dependent on or abuse opioid painkillers, and about 46 deaths occur each day due to the involvement of opioid painkillers. OxyContin is typically take in pill form, but may also be snorted or injected intravenously. WebMD notes that OxyContin is often used to relieve pain from injuries, arthritis, cancer, and other conditions.

Narcanon notes that once consumed, a person may experience drowsiness, sedation, euphoria, lightheadedness, itching, nausea or vomiting, constipation, low blood pressure, respiratory suppression, headache, dry mouth, and sweating. Many people who become addicted to Oxycontin or Oxycodone are originally prescribed the drug, but become addicted when they begin taking the drug in higher doses and more frequently. Rehab International provides several symptoms that could be a sign of Oxycontin addiction:

  • Becoming obsessed with doctors, doctor visits, getting prescriptions filled, etc.
  • An obsession with pain or an oversensitivity to pain
  • Buying opiate drugs off the street or from other sources besides the pharmacy or doctor
  • Partaking in illegal activity to obtain the drugs. “Doctor shopping” by seeing multiple doctors for the same pain just to get multiple prescriptions.
  • Purposefully injuring oneself to receive medication.

OxyContin can be highly addictive, and very dangerous. Addiction Hope notes that withdrawal symptoms from OxyContin can be unfavorable, including nausea, vomiting, anxiety, panic attacks, muscle pain, flu-like symptoms, seizures, and depression. However, this does not mean that recovery is impossible.

Recovery from OxyContin addiction typically begins with detoxification, in which the body dispels toxins and becomes rejuvenated. After detoxification, recovery can begin. This requires an accredited treatment facility with a superb healthcare team – this support is needed as the person can learn more about their addiction and the harmful effects that it causes to both themselves and their loved ones. Therapy is a common component of recovery and can help someone work through their issues and potential causes for their addiction.

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