Cravings for foods happen for many people – chocolate, fast food, or specific types of food often cause us to rush to the grocery store in an attempt to satisfy that craving. Take a moment to consider any cravings you’ve had in the past – what were they? How often do you have them? Science says that our cravings could be an indication of an imbalance of hormones, an emotional comfort, a sign that your body is lacking certain nutrients, or something else. Many have questioned whether food cravings occur in the same area of the brain as drug cravings do – after all, food can become an addiction just as drugs can.

A 2015 study conducted by researchers from Maryland and New York sought to explore brain patterns of food cues and cocaine use in individuals with cocaine addiction. Twenty participants with cocaine addiction participated in the study, and the researchers measured their brain activation responses to both food and cocaine cues.

Cues are what triggers a person to crave something; examples of this may include:

  • Emotions such as sadness, anger, happiness, stress, etc.
  • People around using
  • Thoughts that trigger emotions that lead a person to want something
  • Movies, shows, or commercials that entice a person to want something

Results from the study indicated that cocaine cues activate similar, though not identical, pathways in the brain as to food cues. This finding shows insight into the fact that individuals with cocaine exposure may become more vulnerable not just to drugs, but to food as well. If you’ve been struggling with cocaine addiction, make the decision to seek help today. Treatment often involves detoxification, as well as individual and group therapy – both of which can help you learn more about your addiction and develop healthy coping mechanisms for dealing with challenging emotions.

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