If you’ve seen the hit TV show Roseanne, you’ve come to love and know John Goodman, who plays Dan Connor, Roseanne’s husband. Recently, John Goodman has become more open about his struggle with alcoholism; he recalls moments where he struggled with on the set and how a quick phone call to his wife led him to the treatment. If you or a loved one have been dealing with alcoholism or another addiction, John Goodman’s story is one of inspiration.

In 2007, Goodman spent a month in rehabilitation for alcoholism, just after he had wrapped up the film Speed Racer. The actor explained on Sunday Today that he remembers drinking alcohol at work, and how his wife helped him get the treatment he needed. According to E-Online, the actor really noticed that he had a problem after a long weekend with friends golfing – he stated that he had won an Emmy Award that year, and missed the rehearsal because he was drunk. John explained his drinking problem as this:

My speech was slurred. I thought I was fooling people. My cheeks would turn bright red when I was liquored up and I just looked like a stop sign.”

By the time it was Sunday after the Emmy’s, Goodman recalls still shaking from the alcohol, yet he continued to drink. He called his wife, who got him to a treatment center; he stated,

I detoxed there and decided I like the feeling. And it’s been 10 years.”

John Goodman’s story is one of functioning alcoholism – the National Institute of Health (NIH) confirmed this as a subtype of alcoholism back in 2007, when studies were conducted by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA). Functioning alcoholism was found to constitute 19.5% of U.S. individuals with alcoholism; people who fall into this sub-category are often found to be middle-aged, well-educated, and with stable jobs and families, much like John Goodman. As John’s story depicts, it’s not uncommon for those with functioning alcoholism to believe they have everything figured out.

If you’ve been struggling with alcoholism, make the decision to seek help today. Most often, loved ones and others who spend time with you notice changes that you may not be able to see.

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