When it comes to mental illness and/or addiction, selecting the right treatment center is incredibly important. Each treatment center holds a unique approach, method, has their own amenities and more. By doing your research and exploring various treatment centers, you are placing your recovery as top priority. Madeline Vann, MPH and writer for Everyday Health, notes that you should select a facility that best meets your needs. Here is a good list to begin your research:

  1. Price. Is the treatment facility covered under your insurance, or will you need to pay out-of-pocket for most it?
  2. Location. Do you need somewhere that’s far enough where you feel like you’re getting away, or do you need something close to home?
  3. Program. What is the facility best known for? Are they more holistic in nature or do they focus strictly on recovering the body? What do they specialize in? What is the client to staff ratio? The lower the ratio, the more personalized care you will receive.
  4. Length of program. How long can you afford to stay? Does this facility offer programs that accommodate the length of time that would work best towards your recovery?
  5. What outcome do you seek? Are you looking for a program that focuses heavily on gainful employment, improved family relations, etc.? If not, would you prefer a program that focuses heavily on attending group meetings and individual therapy? Some programs place more emphasis on certain aspects than others.
  6. Components included. As mentioned earlier, does the program take on a holistic focus, using mind, body, and spirit? Or do they focus on one thing? Is nutrition a focus?
  7. Credibility. Is the treatment center state-licensed and highly rated? How long has the company been in business? Who are the people working in this facility?

While this list is not exhaustive, these components are a great start to deciding which treatment facility will best suit your needs. Researching different treatment facilities, speaking with the people in person, and taking a tour of the facility are great ways to become more acquainted with the place and people. With more than 14,500 specialized treatment centers in the United States, you want to select a place that you feel at home in.

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