The legalization of recreational marijuana in several states has sparked a national conversation on how this change will affect many other areas of life for Americans. For example, researchers are still looking into the effects of marijuana and how to identify what should be considered marijuana intoxication, as well as legal consequences for instances such as driving while intoxicated. The following are some major topics up for discussion:

  1. Economy – According to The Atlantic, in Oregon alone brought in more then $60 million in revenue from marijuana tax receipts in 2016. Estimates are saying that the United States could save up to $14 billion a year from legalizing marijuana; most are in favor and believe it will certainly help the economy.
  2. Safety – Although many argue that marijuana legalization is placing kids’ lives in danger, Business Insider states that use amongst kids has actually remained stable or has declined. Traffic fatalities also seem to be a concern, but no research has proven this is a serious issue. However, increase in ER and poison control calls for marijuana has occurred, as children have accidentally consumed marijuana and/or tourists have consumed too much.
  3. Education – The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) argues that marijuana holds negative effects on a person’s learning, memory, and attention. Studies have shown that individuals who use marijuana have a reduced chance of graduating, along with other factors.

Forbes Magazine states that many are wondering how sales for alcoholic beverages will play out since marijuana has been legalized. Overall, it seems that marijuana will be contributing a lot to the economy.

Although not enough research and time has occurred to speculate any negative effects of the legalization of marijuana, it doesn’t mean it’s not a threat. Many argue that marijuana is safe because it’s not physically addictive, but that does not mean psychological addiction cannot occur. Signs of psychological addiction include:

  • Considering using marijuana as the “only way” to socialize or have a good time
  • Thinking and planning out ways to use marijuana
  • Cancelling social activities if marijuana will not be involved
  • Experiencing problems within work, family, and social life due to marijuana use

If you have an addiction, make the decision to seek help today. There are many resources available to help you gain control back over your life.

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