Many people in recovery fear of relapsing; they believe this is a sign that they failed, that they cannot recover, and that they are just not strong enough. This couldn’t be further from the truth; in fact, relapse can creep up on someone even when they aren’t expecting it. This is because our emotions and stressors can triggers us to want to relapse, even if we don’t realize it. NHS Choices, a UK health website, states that a relapse “should not mean that you will return to [the addictive behavior] the way you did before; it’s an opportunity to learn a bit about yourself and what will help you to be more successful in the future.”

Changing your perspective on the situation is the most crucial step that you can take. You are a worthwhile human being, and you made a human mistake. The Huffington Post states that listening to the right people is important because they can help you build up hope and positivity for recovery. The wrong people will make you feel horrible about yourself, and you do not need that. Understanding the reason why you relapsed can also give you the insight and growth that you need to continue your journey to recovery. Psychology Today noted that many people who feel they finally have a handle on their recovery and when things are going well, often sabotage it. Why?

The following are the most common reasons that we relapse:

  1. Believing that our addiction isn’t that big of a problem
  2. Believing that sobriety will cure all of our problems
  3. Pursuing recovery with less energy than pursuing addiction
  4. Not being fully honest with ourselves and others
  5. Feeling special and unique
  6. Not making amends
  7. Using the program to try and achieve perfection
  8. Confusing self-concern with selfishness
  9. Playing dangerous self-improvement games
  10. Not getting help for relationship troubles
  11. Believing that life should be easy

Asking yourself the reason why you relapsed could provide great insight into your triggers – whether it be emotional, environmental, etc. Your relapse can give you information to learn more about yourself and what you can do next time to prevent this. Do not give up on yourself. This is a learning experience and you will make it through.

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