Having lived through, gone to treatment for, and be actively in recovery from addiction does not make you an unworthy candidate for love. Everyone has a particular area of their lives that they might consider “baggage”. They might have a tumultuous past, be a child of divorce, have deep insecurities, mental health disorders, or other afflictions. Nobody in life is perfect. Part of developing new relationships is being honest and open about who you are and what you have been through, then developing acceptance as well as respect for those experiences. Overcoming addiction and living committed to recovery is no underachievement. Millions of people every day are choosing to remain in their addiction instead of recover. The empathy and compassion you have developed for yourself and for others will come from the right person. If someone isn’t able to recognize your present of recovery over your past of addiction, they might not be the right person for you.

Realize that disclosing your past with addiction is important for maintaining honesty in all areas of your life. Though you are in recovery, addiction is something you live with. Through your work in treatment, therapy, and 12-step programs, you have learned that honesty is important for your sobriety. Any area of life which starts to lean too far away from rigorous honesty can be a threat. The brain is more attracted to negativity and finds benefit in the reward which comes from lying. Relationships should have a foundation of honesty in order to be healthy and functioning.

Your potential partner should understand what it is like to live in recovery from addiction. There are days when your symptoms of addiction may come up. Recovery is not a guarantee that life is perfect or will ever exist completely outside of addiction. Some days will be easier than others. On the days that are difficult, when mental health symptoms are strong or cravings are intrusive, your partner can help and support you in the way that you need. Addiction can be isolating. In recovery, forming new relationships, that feeling of isolation does not have to continue. You can form healthy, honest relationships that support and empower your recovery.


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