You may be working with a therapist, addictions counselor or participating in group therapy. An aid to your recovery is available that augments addiction treatment.

Since the 1990s, people in recovery from substance abuse have benefited from Equine Assisted Therapy (EAT). The goal of EAT is to help relieve the emotional pain and conflicts that arise because of addiction. Through the guidance of a practitioner and the use of horses, this therapy can help with mental health areas such as: confidence building, self-awareness, communication skills, fear and anger. Facilities across the country specialize in EAT.

Horses are a wonderful distraction. Being around them can take you away from yourself. When your mind is full of the challenges of recovery, horses offer a respite, a place for reflection and tranquility. Just standing next to a field watching horses graze, offers an opportunity to feel inner peace.

EAT helps you learn to stay in the moment. You aren’t going to think about personal difficulties and worries when a 1000 or 1200 pound animal could suddenly move and step on your foot! You have to pay attention, you have to be in the moment—just like in recovery.

Horses are great teachers. They help with communications. Maybe you have a lot to be angry about, and subconsciously carry the anger with you wherever you go. When you are around a horse, she may mirror your anger back to you with her behavior—pinning back her ears, being skittish or uncooperative. Horses are sensitive beings, they pick up on your mood. Being around them gives you an opportunity to observe what you project into the world, whether consciously or not. Horses give you information about yourself that can encourage you to make changes within yourself. These changes will benefit your relationships with others.

If you can’t enroll in an EAT facility, you could volunteer to help with barn chores at a reputable horse barn. Make sure to ask around about the atmosphere of the barn. You want to work with kind and gentle people.

Horses are huge animals, as you become accustomed to their size and learn to handle them, you will gain confidence. Your new-found confidence will assist you as you courageously move forward with your recovery. Horses help sooth your heart. They feel good to touch. They are beautiful and magnificent beings that help you learn to trust yourself.

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