A person explained their personal story surrounding the discovery of their anger on Personal Excellence, and here is a snippet of what they said,

“…[I realized that] my anger wasn’t external, it was internal. There was something, inside of me, creating my anger each time. Or rather, there was something in me that was constantly angry, and the situations had merely brought the anger out of me, onto the surface.”

Anger is an innocent emotion in it’s healthy state but can quickly become dangerous when used in unhealthy ways; heat can surface within the stomach and make its way out through the arms, legs, voice –  spewing hateful phrases or powerful blows before many even realize what’s happening. Anger has the propensity to destroy relationships and hurt the ones we love, destroy property and take away lives. Since it can be such a destructive force, how does anger transpire?

Mind.org, a UK website, argues that it’s first important to understand that anger arises out of our interpretation and reaction to certain events. Certain triggers can cause us to feel threatened or attacked, frustrated or powerless, and as though we’re being treated unfairly. Several factors can impact the way exhibit anger:

  • How we were raised
  • Past experiences
  • Current circumstances

People often utilize anger to harm oneself, to achieve control, to feel powerful, and to fight injustice. Anger comes through rapid heart rate, shaking, sweating, dizziness, feelings of anxiety, feeling resentful or guilty, irritation, pacing, sarcasm, raising of voice, and more. If you find yourself experiencing these symptoms of anger, begin taking steps to express your anger effectively. If you need to, take a step back and give yourself a few minutes to breathe and count to 10.

The Mental Health Foundation suggests keeping an “anger journal” where you write down the circumstance that led to you being angry, what the other person said or did to trigger you, how you felt, behaved, and how you felt afterwards. In doing this, you can begin to recognize patterns in your reactions to help you get to the root of the issue.

Anger doesn’t have to be violent, and it doesn’t have to be mean. There are healthy ways to express your anger, but you must take time and study them.

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