Some of us have difficulty identifying the toxic people in our lives, whether it’s due to naivety, denial, anxiety, etc. It can be challenging to identify toxic people, especially if we have grown up in an abusive and/or dysfunctional household. Toxic people can be extremely damaging to our health and our recovery. Katherine Schreiber, writer for Psychology Today, describes the damaging effects of toxicity so eloquently:

“Toxic behavior doesn’t just inflict a personal hurt. It assaults systemic wellbeing. It generates stress and frustration at the crippling devaluation. It is deeply disturbing because, as it destabilizes us, it prompts us to believe, even for a moment, that it reflects how all others see us. “

Identifying toxic people is important because once we identify them, we can figure out how to distance ourselves or remove them from our lives. Odyssey Online provides several key characteristics that define most toxic people in our lives:

  1. They are never at fault. If they do something wrong, they will not own up to it. They will find any way they can to twist the situation so that the blame is on you; this form of manipulation can be even more damaging if you take in the blame they place.
  2. They’re selfish. The person refuses to do anything that does not ultimately benefit them. The person expects you to do everything they want you to do, and they expect that you will support their decision.
  3. They’re controlling. They convince you to make decisions, and they treat you as more of a possession rather than a person. This can be extremely detrimental to your self-esteem.
  4. They’re hurtful. Some may use this as a form of manipulation by making it appear like they are trying to help you, but really, they are trying to hurt you. They may accidentally share a very embarrassing story or secret about you to others, and you may feel like you must walk on glass around them.
  5. They’re extremely jealous. In a relationship, they may prevent you from having any kind of friendship with anyone else. You may feel like you’re having a constant battle between them and your best friends.

If there are people in your life that make you feel worthless, upset, angry or sad, you may want to consider why they are making you feel that way. Recognize the symptoms of a toxic person. In doing this, you may be able to start making more informed decisions about who you let into your circle – giving you a happier, healthier, more connected support group.

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