Juice cleanse, colon cleanse, liver cleanse, etc. There are several food detoxes that many have completed at home. Maybe you have tried them, and they have benefited you to some extent. Not all detoxes are good for your body, and when it comes to addiction, detox should be left at the hands of licensed, experienced professionals at a recovery treatment center. If you try to detox from substance abuse at home, you could place yourself in the hands of danger, or even death.

According to NBC News, actor Nelsan Ellis, age 39 and known for his role as Lafayette Reynold’s on HBO’s hit series “True Blood”, died just last year because of heart failure from trying to detox from alcoholism on his own. Amy Winehouse has also been said to have died from an unsuccessful alcohol self-detox; these two celebrities are just a few of many who try to detox at home. The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism claims that while 15 million American adults have an alcohol use disorder, fewer than 10 percent of those individuals seek help from a treatment center. With many not seeking professional help, the fear is that at-home detox could be placing many at risk. What are the dangers of detoxing at home?

What makes home detox so deadly is that excessive drinking or drug use, over an extended period, leads the body to dependence. When this happens, the body experiences withdrawal symptoms such as sweating, increased hand tremor, insomnia, nausea/vomiting, physical agitation, anxiety, and more, according to Psych Central. The body has become so used to alcohol and/or drugs, that it is beginning to become unable to function at its best without the substance. If you detox at home by quitting suddenly, your body can become shocked and you may experience seizures, severe dehydration, a spike in blood pressure or unconsciousness, a stroke, heart attack, hallucinations, and more.  

Seeking help from a treatment center is often considered the best route because you will have a healthcare team that can monitor your symptoms, prescribe you medications if needed to help you deal with your withdrawal symptoms, taper you down off alcohol and/or drugs and guide you through the recovery process in a holistic way. If you’re thinking about detoxing, consider seeking a reputable treatment center. It could very well save your life.

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