Treatment for addiction and mental health is the most accessible it has ever been thanks to certain conditions of health care reform over previous years. The country is filled with thousands of treatment centers each offering a unique approach to the treatment of addiction and possibly other co-occurring mental disorders. Across thousands of different platforms, approaches, disciplines, therapies, healing modalities, and program design, there are different success rates, Currently, across the entirety of the addiction treatment and mental health treatment space there are no standardized metrics to quantify or qualify recovery from addiction. Sobriety time, improvement of symptoms, and long term abstinence are considered positive demonstrations of success. As a whole, however, there are distinctions. Most success in recovery is anecdotal.

Success Rates In Addiction and Mental Health Treatment Programs

Personal accounts of addiction, alcoholism, and recovery from addiction or alcoholism is what started modern recovery. Alcoholics Anonymous, the most well known twelve step group and founder of the twelve steps, was founded on anecdotal evidence. Founder Bill Wilson listened to the personal account of his friend Ebby who discussed taking certain steps, of which there were just six at the time, and finding relief from alcoholism. Bill took these steps and had his own personal experience. Explaining that personal account to yet another individual, the AA co-founder Dr. Bob Smith, the story of recovery was passed on and on again. Today, Alcoholics Anonymous reaches millions worldwide. The ideas put down in Alcoholics Anonymous the book have become the foundation for most modern treatment. Doctor’s contributed their thoughts on how alcoholism affects the mind, the body, and the spirit. Behavioral, physical, and spiritual changes must take place in order to put alcoholism into remission. All of it based on anecdotal evidence- the personal accounts of the millions of men and women who do recover.

Research has found and proven different components of treatment and recovery to be effective. For example, cognitive behavioral therapy is an evidence-based treatment modality. Long term treatment is proven to be more effective in creating sustainable abstinence from drugs and alcohol. Practices like meditation and yoga can put depression into remission. Until the industry creates a standard, each treatment program continues to provide the best possible treatment for creating the best possible outcomes they personally can measure.


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