The idea of recovery can seem daunting to many people – some may feel very excited and ready to begin their journey, while others may have doubts. Both ends of the spectrum are completely normal; understanding the truth of recovery will prepare you for the ups and downs, and will make you a stronger person. Dr. David Susman, licensed clinical psychologist and writer for Psychology Today, noted earlier this year several questions to ask yourself to stay realistic:


  • What are your overall goals? Make sure that you have not only broad goals, but specific ones as well. For example, a big goal may be to become a better person from recovery, but a specific goal may be to dedicate at least 1 hour a day towards reading inspirational material.
  • What specific areas to you want to improve? Specific areas of recovery to focus on may be physical health such as taking medication, mental health such as activities to aid depression, or lifestyle choices such as to eat more nutritious food each day.
  • Which goals are most vital for your health? Try to prioritize and select at least 2 or 3 goals to focus on each day. states that many people often set vague, unrealistic goals which makes it harder for them to achieve. Truly consider which ones are most beneficial to your well-being right now.
  • Why are these goals important to you? Understanding the benefits of working towards your goals will give you further motivation to work towards them.
  • How can I set myself up to achieve these goals? Addiction Center notes that gaining new hobbies, making changes to your living environment, surrounding yourself with safe and sober friends, and committing yourself to making improvements of your well-being are just a few ways to ensure your success.


Whether you are currently working towards obtaining reliable employment or just focused on staying sober, your goals are important. They are valid, and they deserve the time, dedication, and patience that is required to obtain them. If you are at a treatment center, many times you can rely on your healthcare team and peers to help motivate you to complete your goals. The Huffington Post has listed several effective tips to remember while working towards your goals: remember that nothing worthwhile will come easy, ignore those that don’t believe in your goals, reach out and look after role models that have achieve the same goals you want to achieve, and use failure as a learning experience.

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