Stars receive focus from all angles – from public to personal life. Many celebrities have had ongoing struggles with substance abuse, and it may seem like all famous people are going through some sort of battle for their lives. However, there are many stars who have resisted peer pressure and dangerous activities that could lead to addiction, and they deserve to be recognized.


  • Hilary Duff – this Disney Channel star got her first role at age 11 in Casper Meets Wendy. Compared to her other Disney peers, Hilary hasn’t ever struggled with substance abuse. She stated in an interview with Cosmopolitan, “I don’t have to prove to people that I’m an adult now. I am an adult. It’s frustrating to be put in a box, but I never needed to wild out to show that I’m grown up.”
  • Ryan Gosling – with his first important role at age 13 in The Mickey Mouse Club, Ryan hasn’t been severely affected by being a star – which shocks many others into drug use and other unhealthy patterns of behavior. He stated in an interview, “I’ve been doing this since I was 8, so I can’t really say that [fame] came out of nowhere. But I can’t say that I saw it coming either.”
  • Raven Symone – Disney Channel star of the T.V. show, “That’s So Raven”, Raven may have become more outspoken on her decisions regarding society’s labels, but she hasn’t gone down any path of addiction.
  • Neil Patrick Harris – getting into acting at 15 years old and known for one of his starring roles on the show, “How I Met Your Mother”, Neil has never been in the spotlight for drug addiction because he has simply never struggled with it.
  • Mara Wilson – known as the girl who played the star Matilda and Nattie on Ms. Doubtfire, never caved into the stressors of being a childhood celebrity through use of alcohol or drugs. She stated in an interview regarding celebrity addiction, “the next time a former child star is in the news, look at the age at which he or she started performing. Then imagine making a life-changing decision at that age. Chances are good he or she wasn’t the one who made it.”


Celebrities who have avoided addiction seem to have had the right support system and parenting that led them to make conscientious decisions as they got older. Some probably saw the bigger picture of what being a celebrity truly means and how it’s affected others on a larger, more negative scale. What’s most endearing is that there are people who have said “no”, people who didn’t give in – and this can give us hope in knowing that we can do this, too.

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