If you have a loved one in recovery, this may be a very exciting, calming, nerve-wracking, worrying time for you. When we find out that a loved one is wanting to leave rehab early, we may not know what to do. There are several reasons your loved one may want to leave as well as several tips to help you prevent them from leaving too early:

They may feel that detox is too painful for them to bear.

  • Detox can become more manageable if medication is taken or alternative therapies such as acupuncture, neurofeedback and massage are used. Discuss with your loved one the possibilities of using these.
  • Help your loved one connect with others in the program who are experiencing pain as well – this will help them to not feel so alone.

They may be having trouble with transportation, childcare issues, financial reasons, and more..

  • Offer your support, whether it be through providing transportation to watching their children or offering to help pay for some of their treatment. Supporting your loved one in recovery is completely different from enabling their addictive behaviors outside of treatment.

They may be separating themselves from others in the program and determining that they do not need to be there.

  • Talk with your loved one about why they feel they don’t belong. If they haven’t given it a chance, ask them to try out group therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy; these may help them to connect better with others.
  • If they have tried to connect with others over an extended period of time and you can tell they are not taking well to the form of care there, consider helping them find a more appropriate treatment center for them.

They may simply not like it there.

  • Your loved one may be placing blame on the treatment center just for an excuse to return to their addictive behavior. However, some of their concerns may be legitimate and if so, see if they can switch therapists, change roommates, or even seeking out a different treatment center if there are critical issues not being addressed.

They may feel they already know everything and therefore don’t need treatment.

  • Help your loved one see that even if they know a lot, there is always more to learn. Talk with the treatment center about having an outside speaker come in to speak and share additional information, or to have your loved one try new treatment modalities they haven’t explored yet.

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