Using drugs to escape problems is a process often called “self-medication” – the Huffington Post states that rather than seeking out help for managing mental issues such as depression, people will often attempt to solve their own problems using methods such as drinking or drugs. Drugs has been said to help people relax, increase their confidence, take their mind off things, and more. While drugs may seem to provide a temporary relief, they are just that – temporary. The long-lasting repercussions of drug use weighs much heavier in stress than working through physical and emotional problems in a safer, healthier way.

For instance, a person may feel depressed and will drink several drinks to feel distracted. This may work for a few hours or a whole evening, but when they wake up the next morning, that depression will still be there because they haven’t properly worked through it. This then perpetuates a negative cycle of depression-self-medication-depression, which continues on until the person develops a substance abuse problem, which wreaks even more havoc in one’s life.

Often times individuals lack the resources and support to help them feel empowered to work through emotional issues in a safe way. In these instances, it’s important to actively seek out help the moment you feel your mental health has declined – you can do this by seeing a therapist, joining a support group, volunteering at a mental health organization, and more.

Healthline notes that even if a person self-medicates to cope with problems and doesn’t have a mental illness, self-medicating can lead to the development of a mental illness later on if not properly taken care of. The consequences of drug use for self-medication may include financial difficulties, work and productivity problems, family and relationship issues, and negative social implications. Physical health may decline as well, as alcohol and drug addictions can be damaging to the brain, liver, and other important organs that keep the body functioning properly.

If you’ve been self-medicating, make the decision to seek help today. The sooner you seek help, the sooner you can save yourself from more hurt and despair. Recovery is possible, and there are many proven, successful treatment methods that can guide you towards healthier living. Seek the help you need today.

Therapy is a primary component of treatment for rehabilitation from a substance use disorder and/or mental health disorder. Attending treatment with certified clinicians and counselors is critical for a full recovery. At one of New Vista Behavioral Health’s treatment providers, you are receiving exceptional care, held to a higher standard. Our programs result in better outcomes, ensuring a better recovery. For information call us today: 888-316-3665.

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