Technology and health science have become more advanced over the years and with that comes new requests. According to Forbes Magazine, British professor David Nutt, previous chairman of the United Kingdom’s Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs and with almost 100 patented chemical compounds to his name, hopes to raise 7 million British pounds to bring his newest creation, synthetic alcohol, to the market. His trademark company, Alcarelle, is aiming to sell alcosynth, an alcohol substitute that gives consumers the “buzz” of drinking without the “morning-after” effects of a hangover. The drink is said to have no calories, and should assist with lowering instances of alcoholism and eliminate the damages that alcohol can cause on the body.

According to the Washington Post in a phone interview, Nutt stated: “My ambition would be for my grandchildren to never be exposed to alcohol.” It was also stated that Nutt’s focus since being a doctoral student has been to tackle the harmful effects that alcohol can have on the brain, heart, liver, and other organs. Nutt also stated,

“Over the last couple of years, this research has come to some fruition. We now have a substance that can do what alcohol does in terms of giving people a relaxing experience and social experience, but without having the downsides of anger and aggression and addiction.”

What makes this safer than alcohol? Live Science states that it has to do with the way the body metabolizes this alternative. Alcosynth does not produce the compound acetaldehyde when metabolized in the body like alcohol does. Hangovers have long been attributed to acetaldehyde, which is why alcosynth is said to prevent this from happening. David Nutt also explained that alcosynth should cause someone to want to reach the full effects after a certain amount, lowering their drinks. However, it is uncertain whether alcosynth could cause an overdose or dependency. Is this ultimately safe?

Research is still being conducted for widespread use. If alcosynth does come to be sold in stores in the United Kingdom, this could certainly change the drinking landscape. Until more information has come about, we need to continue educating ourselves on the dangers of alcohol and take preventative measures to protect ourselves from addiction and dependency.






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