When certain parts of your body are in pain such as your back, frequent or painful urination, or blood found in your urine, the best thing to do is to take a urinalysis test. It is a set of screenings and tests to detect common diseases and diagnose conditions in the excretory system such as urinary tract infections, kidney disorders, liver, and diabetes. This is a test that can be done in doctor’s offices, urgent-care facilities, laboratories, and hospitals.

There are many microscopic, chemical, and visual exams to detect cells, cell fragments, crystals and casts in the urine. This test can also detect abnormalities that might require a follow up appointment and additional testing. Urine can be evaluated by color, cloudiness, odor, and clarity as well as its chemical and molecular properties. There are some doctors that like to refer to this test as “a poor man’s kidney biopsy” in the large amount of information that can be told about the health of the kidney or other diseases done by this a urinalysis.

A urinalysis test is done by collecting a urine sample from the patient early in the morning since it is the most concentrated urine by that time. It can be ordered when a person has a routine wellness exam, is admitted to the hospital, undergoing surgery, or having a pregnancy checkup. A healthcare practitioner will order one if their patient is complaining about urinary tract infection symptoms or other urinary system problems like a kidney disease. When monitoring certain conditions over time, this test can be ordered at intervals.

If the test finds anything abnormal, that could mean that something is wrong and that you need to be evaluated. When the results of the test are combined with the symptoms you are complaining about as well as clinical findings, there will be a search for the causes with tests such as comprehensive metabolic panel, complete blood count, renal panel, liver panel, and urine culture.

If there is a large amount of protein, glucose and red blood cells, there is a great chance that this problem needs to be addressed. It helps to give your doctor your medical history as well as current medications. The results may not tell you whether what you have is temporary, chronic or even what caused it, but it is still very important to take that test and have the problem checked out.


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