Whether you’re looking to seek help for anxiety or you’re already on your journey towards recovery, hobbies are a wonderful way to learn new skills, develop a passion, and manage anxiety. Anxiety can be detrimental to many aspects of daily life, and can inhibit you from living to the fullest. Symptoms of anxiety may include increased heart rate, sweaty palms, racing thoughts, nervousness, hyperactivity, sensitivity to light, smells, sounds, etc. and more. Healthline notes that anxiety charges up your “fight or flight” response, which can trigger all these symptoms. The following are some excellent hobbies that can help you manage your anxiety:

  • Yoga: Based on mindfulness, yoga is meant to help you relax your mind and body, and focus on purely existing. The movement of yoga can help ground you, and the slow motions can allow you to focus on the present moment and nothing else.
  • Dancing: Whether you want to dance for fun or taking a dance class, dancing can be very beneficial because it involves movement and focus on what you’re doing – every step you take, which direction you turn, and dancing with a partner are just a few aspects that can really take your attention.
  • Reading: Bustle states that reading can lower your heart rate and relax you physically, it can allow you to escape reality for little while – which can serve as a small vacation for your mind, it can help you become more compassionate towards others and yourself, it can give you perspective and help ground you, and it can relieve stress and tension by changing your state of mind.
  • Gardening: Planting, watering, cultivating and admiring vegetation gives you a sense of grounding and purpose. The beauty in giving life to something so small and delicate can help you ease anxiety and appreciate the wonders of nature.
  • Writing; The University of Rochester states that journaling can help you manage anxiety, reduce stress, and cope with depression because you are able to write about your fears, identify negative thoughts patterns that are arising in your journal, see things from a new or unique perspective, and recognizing triggers or symptoms that need treatment.

There are many beautiful hobbies out there that can ground you and help you relieve stress. The key is to try different things to see what works best for you – if you try something and it doesn’t stick, don’t stress yourself out because of it. Identify your interests and build on them through hobbies. If you’re ever feeling anxious, you can rely on some of these hobbies as your tool kit for mental health and wellness.





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