Finding a reputable treatment center calls for research, time, dedication and hard consideration. Obtaining treatment from a place means that you are placing your health, your overall well-being, and your recovery into the hands of a healthcare team. Selecting the best treatment center for you is critical to optimize your chances of success in recovery. Dr. Deni Carise, nationally recognized expert in addiction treatment, explained for Psychology Today the terrible practices that several treatment centers have enacted: patient brokering, identity theft, kickbacks and insurance fraud, to name a few.

Tamara Hill, licensed therapist and certified trauma professional, has noted several critical incidents that are classified as unethical practices by treatment centers:

  • Neglecting to meet with clients during a set time without rescheduling or letting you know in advance.
  • Changing information in a patient’s contract or file to make an agency look professional.
  • Neglecting to respond to crisis calls or visits.
  • Having a dual relationship with a client, such as friendship or sexual relationship with a client.
  • Continuous meetings with a therapist for the sole purpose of getting paid through insurance, even once the client’s issues have been resolved.
  • A treatment center hiring and paying an incompetent therapist and paying for their many mistakes.
  • Fabricating data from mental health tests or clinical studies.
  • Changing billing information to reflect more time spent in therapy than was the case to receive more money.
  • Bartering, or otherwise having a client perform personal work such as home duties in exchange for therapy.
  • Spying on a client through social media outlets.

These are just a few, not an exhaustive list, of unethical practices that occur in therapy and treatment centers. Make sure that you are familiar with your rights and to always look for word-of-mouth reviews from a treatment center before joining their services. See what other people’s experience has been like and make sure that your treatment center has a proven track record history of excellence.

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