Addiction is often called a family disease because when a loved one becomes addicted, everyone in the family is affected. Treatment is for more than the addict or alcoholic. Treatment is a time of great healing for everyone involved.


The Family Learns About Addiction

Families don’t always take the time to learn about what addiction is and how it affecting their loved one in a scientific, objective way. Different roles are taken on by different family members, which can change the way that family members view one another. Learning about addiction helps to break the barrier of misunderstanding so that family members become better informed. Most treatment centers’ family programs will include psychoeducational components, question and answer sessions, as well as group family therapy sessions where family members can gain an understanding while relating to other family members.


The Family Learns About Recovery

During the family therapy process, family members are learning about addiction as well as recovery. Recovery is the lifestyle the entire family has an opportunity to adopt in order to help their loved one stay abstinent from drugs and alcohol, as well as support the family in a supportive way. Through family therapy sessions, group sessions, and educational lectures, family members learn about what they’re loved one is learning in treatment. Often, family members are shocked to learn that their loved one in recovery is learning so much new information and become much more articulate, well spoken, and well rounded individual.


Communication skills

Communication is key in any relationship, especially a relationship between two family members and for the family as a whole. Working with an individual therapist and the loved one who is in treatment, family members learn how to effectively and respectfully communicate with one another. Communication is how each member of the family can express their needs, wants, desires, and concerns. More importantly, communication is how members of a family tell each other that they love one another.


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