Phones are being used more than ever, with abilities increasing from surveillance to online gaming apps, banking information to getting directions. With phones being the primary source of information for virtually anything and everything, phone addiction is taking over, and it’s affecting your mental health. According to Forbes Magazine, professors at two business schools in Italy and France made it a requirement for students in their courses to give up their cell phone for one day. Students reported feelings anxiety, as they didn’t know how to spend their day. They also recognized how often other people checked their phone – with one student stating his friend checked his phone four times within a 10-minute period. The rising use of smartphones brings about a very important question: how serious is this?

A 2014 study titled “The Relationship Between Mental Health and Addiction to Mobile Phones among University Students of Shahrekord, Iran” found that students who used their mobile phone habitually, addictively, and intentionally experienced depressive disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), and interpersonal sensitivity. Results from the study also showed that improved mental health was associated with reduced cell phone use.

The Seattle Times described “The World Unplugged Project”, a project in which investigators from the University of Maryland studied phone addiction and mental health of students in 10 different countries and found that most them experienced distress when they tried to go without their phone for 24 hours. The study’s results also found that one in three people would rather give up sex than their smartphones.

As you can see, phone addiction is a very serious concern. It’s affecting our ability to function daily, it’s separating us from real-life interactions, and it is causing us more distress, anxiety, and depression. What can be done about this? Become more active about your phone use. How many times do you check it daily? Practice using your phone less and less. How do you feel by the end of the day? You will likely find that less phone use means more time for interactions, more time for healthy hobbies and projects, and less clutter in your mind.




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